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NSW Farmers to host biodiversity reform consultation forums

NSW Farmers Association has today announced six community consultation forums to be held across key native vegetation regions, from 16th May to 3rd June, as part of its #Farmers4LandReform campaign.

The forums are designed to engage NSW Farmers members in the debate on native vegetation and inform the association's formal submission in response to the government's draft biodiversity reform package unveiled earlier this month. Attendees will hear the draft legislation explained by Department of Primary Industries representatives and will be able to ask questions and find out more about the impact the reforms could have on biodiversity and their day-to-day business.

NSW Farmers CEO Matt Brand said, “This reform is critical to farmers and we want our members and the public to engage with us, and understand our perspective. Our aim to for these forums to help provide clarity on the implications of the draft legislation and facilitate opportunities to come together to make recommendations that will further improve on what has recently been proposed."

“I look forward to the conversations that we will be having with the farming community over the coming weeks and I am confident that we will have made great steps towards a workable solution by the end of the eight-week consultation period," added Mr Brand.

Whilst NSW Farmers welcomes the government's proposed reforms, the association warned that vital recommendations from a 2014 independent expert panel review had been overlooked in the draft legislation and needed urgent addressing prior to the introduction of the Act.

Key stakeholders including local MPs and members of the Native Vegetation Working Group will be invited to the forums facilitated by NSW Farmers Association. During the forums elements of the recently launched #Farmers4LandReform campaign will also be showcased, such as case study videos which show the devastating effect these laws are having on our farmers.

Each forum is open to NSW Farmers Association members, media and the general public.

Casino – 16th May 1-3pm Casino RSM Club. 162 Canterbury St

Cooma – 18th May 1-3pm Cooma Ex Services Club, 106 Vale St

Nyngan – 24th May 1-3pm Nyngan Town Hall, Cobar St

Coonabarabran – 25th May 1-3pm Coonabarabran Bowling Club, Edwards St

Inverell – 30th May 1-3pm Inverell RSM Club, 68-76 Evans St

Walgett – 3rd June 1-3pm Walgett Sporting Club, Castlereagh Highway

Find more information and get the whole picture at Join the conversation at #Farmers4LandReform.

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