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NSW Farmers must make their voices heard

NSW Farmers Association has been campaigning for over 20 years for land reform changes that allow farmers to better use their land and safeguard their livelihoods.

Now we need your help to secure the landmark reforms we've long been fighting for.

On Tuesday 28 June, public consultation on the NSW Government's draft biodiversity reform package will close.

We're calling on every farmer in New South Wales to have their voice heard by making a submission to Government.

NSW Farmers Native Vegetation Working Group strongly reiterates the need for reform and the repeal of the detrimental Native Vegetation Act. The association also advises that vital recommendations from a 2014 independent expert panel review have been currently overlooked in the draft legislation and need urgent addressing prior to the introduction of the Act.

We want a balanced regime that considers triple bottom line outcomes in all levels of decision making, including placing trust in farmers as environmental stewards and addressing the current inequity of sharing the costs of conservation.

The NSW Government's draft reform package goes part of the way to secure this outcome, but it's clear significant amendments to the draft package are needed immediately so that it can work to generate better productivity outcomes for farmers and enable more strategic environmental benefits to be realised.

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