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Farmers paint the whole picture on native veg

The NSW Farmers Association today launched a state-wide education and awareness campaign to give the public 'the whole picture' on proposed new biodiversity reforms.

The campaign, #Farmers4LandReform, will get the rural story on our metropolitan TVs and will allow every NSW citizen to understand the role of farmers in caring for the land and protecting the state's food security. A 30-second TV commercial features farmers and their families from across the state calling for a more balanced, scientific and progressive approach to land reforms.

#Farmers4LandReform is supported by print, radio, online, web, branded content and social media, while a series of local events are designed to drive grass-roots support and enhanced community awareness of issues.

NSW Farmers CEO Matt Brand said native vegetation reform remained one of the top policy priorities for farmers, agricultural businesses and rural communities.

"We've put some significant resources into this campaign because the reform is critical to farmers. We want the public to engage with us and understand our perspective."

"#Farmers4LandReform rolls out in earnest today and I look forward to the conversation this generates in the community. The current native vegetation framework is unworkable. Laws that are supposed to protect biodiversity are causing detrimental environmental outcomes across the state," he said.

Mr Brand said NSW Farmers supported the independent expert panel's 43 recommendations for reform in 2014, identifying that better productivity outcomes could be found and enhanced and that more strategic environmental benefits could be realised with new legislation.

"The Government's reform package released on 3 May goes a long way in remedying the existing legislation in its more equal approach to the many considerations that impact upon land management. There are, however, a number of obvious issues and the Association considers that significant action is required before the Bill is ready to be debated in Parliament in the Spring sitting."

"The Association will be engaging extensively with its members during the eight-week consultation period, including holding six forums in key native vegetation problem areas to inform our formal submission and to complement our lobbying," he said.

Find more information and get the whole picture at Join the conversation with #Farmers4LandReform.

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