Workable Land Use Regulations

Cam is a fourth generation NSW farmer. His family has worked their land for over a hundred years. Cam understands that the landscape of NSW farms is always changing and varies significantly between locations.

Despite huge variances in the land types and range of environments across NSW, one single native vegetation legislation spans the entirety of the state. Understandably, this is a point of frustration for NSW farmers, who find the current law unduly restrictive and unworkable given the dynamic nature of the land.

Under the current legislation native weeds are also protected alongside native grasses. However, NSW farmers believe they could generate much better results - environmentally and economically - if the existing restrictions were relaxed, allowing them to manage native weeds more effectively.

"As farmers, we're after positive social, economic and environmental benefits and they can work together. We understand that there will be restrictions within legislation, but we need flexibility in managing our landscape. We need to be able to create a viable environment that produces great biodiversity and great food for this country."