What is the reform?

The NSW government has committed to the repeal of the Native Vegetation Act.

We want new laws based on the solid scientific evidence that's been provided by an independent biodiversity review panel. We want law reforms that represent a commitment to biodiversity and to protecting the livelihood of the NSW farming community. We need reform to better protect our native wildlife while enabling farmers to employ more innovative and productive farming techniques.

Current native vegetation laws are failing to protect biodiversity across NSW. These laws are in many instances having a negative impact on the environment and place an unfair burden on the farmers of NSW. Opponents of the reform want even tougher restrictions placed on farmers.

Protecting native vegetation is vital, but there are many other things that need to be considered when tackling biodiversity conservation. Focusing on tighter restrictions is not the only answer. For a positive, workable outcome, we need to look at the whole picture.

By supporting land reform we stand up for:

  • Farmers who care deeply about their land
  • A more balanced approach to land reform
  • Protecting farming families' livelihoods
  • Active management of the landscape
  • Balancing biodiversity with our food and fibre needs

We urge you to join us now and support Farmers 4 Land Reform. Don't let special interest groups lock up our land without getting the whole picture.

About NSW Farmers' Association

Farmers 4 Land Reform, is an initiative of NSW Farmers' Association, a membership based organisation that advocates on behalf of farmers in NSW and the ACT. Our purpose is to bring a balance to the debate around the new Biodiversity Conservation Act and ensure that country NSW's voice is heard.

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